Bruce – Technologies

As senior audiometric technician, Mark provided exceptional personal services for manufacturing plant’s employees and management to meet their OSHA compliance needs in hearing conservation. Without exception he provided services in a professional, courteous and laudatory manner.

David – Manufacturing

I used Audiology Associates, Inc. to conduct our audiometric testing this year, and was completely satisfied. They did an excellent job, and the technician was punctual, and they offer the most competitive rate. I’m happy to recommend the services of Audiology Associates, Inc.

Sherry – HR Manager

I was extremely pleased with the entire testing process… from scheduling various workers on odd shifts, to the final tests results. The technician was very professional and efficient. Our employees were back to work without any unnecessary delays.

Teresa – Occupational Health Nurse

I highly recommend Audiology Associates. We have been using their services since 2012. Audiology Associates is responsible for the monitoring, testing, training and record keeping of our company’s Hearing Conservation Program. In addition, the technicians have excellent communication skills. They coordinated with our staff the flow of workers to the testing unit; ensuring that the testing process was efficient.